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Easy Hypnosis Healing

In my work I am often confronted with people of different belief systems. One of the biggest shifts in belief systems comes with the topic of spirituality or religion, and essentially whether or not a person believes in God, and what their specific beliefs are in that area. If I do find out that a person has a belief in metaphysical things, I like to pull out this one tool that has helped me a lot.

It’s called the War Overtangle Prayer by Dr. Judith Swack, and I find that it oftentimes will provide that healing through hypnosis just by saying it.

Now this is a little bit controversial because some people don’t think religion has anything to do with hypnosis, and I would tend to agree, -but- belief systems have everything to do with hypnosis, and what you are doing here is believing something so fully that it becomes true. If you have the spiritual beliefs that other things will happen, then that is what this is designed to use and to nurture.

Ultimately this is something that I have found has worked very well for my hypnosis clients, and I use it myself as well. If you are the type of person who is skeptic then just skip to the next post, but I decided to post it for those who will use it,  because it’s a very valuable tool and more than anything– it works.

Here is the prayer that is said out loud:

I ask my angels and guides to please gather up all overtangle material,
and all dark-side entities,
and everything they feed on,
and everything they attach to,
In a net of holy light.
In a net of radiant light.
And haul them off to the light,
and fill me in with healthy tissue
all the way out to my skin
and to the boundaries of my energy field.
And I ask my angels and guides to please escort me safely and protect me
throughout the rest of this lifetime
and all subsequent lifetimes so that I will never again catch another overtangle.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
It is done, it is done, it is done.

Now one of the keys to making this work is emphasizing the words and really believing what you are saying. Probably the most important idea is at the end when you are thanking the angels and the guides, and you are proclaiming to the world “it is done, it is done, it is done.”  This is the structure of ritual magick as well.

Also note that I purposefully inserted line breaks at the point where you pause for effect. So when you are teaching this to your clients, get those pauses in there, because it makes it more powerful psychologically, which makes the whole technique work better.

Usually I will tell a client to do this prayer once or twice a day. The ideal client will be someone who has religious/spiritual beliefs, and has some issue that they can’t seem to get rid of. Yesterday I gave this script to a male client who was very religious, had tons of anxiety, and wanted to get better with women (one of my specialties is working with this type of client). I decided to give it to him when he mentioned praying, because a prayer is something that he does all the time anyway, and it’s already got a ton of energy and belief built around it that I can utilize to make the hypnosis that much more powerful.

You might be surprised that this is really easy hypnosis healing just through saying a few words out loud — Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Books I want to buy

For the loyal readers of my blog and forums, I decided to type up a list of everything I have bookmarked for future reading.

Note that on this list is -only- books that have been recommended to me.

Here’s a tip for anyone who dares to implement — ONLY read books/articles/seminars that are personally recommended to you as the best. That’s what I do, and I haven’t read a bad book yet. I just keep reading what is the best of the best.

Some of these books I have read, but most of them I haven’t read, so don’t ask me questions about them. I’m just saying they’re on my list of books to read. Which is a very valuable list.

I decided not to type them out, but just to let you see the links:

(code was here)

I’ll type up in another post what the books are that I’ve already read and enjoyed. That’s a much longer list. I have like 3 big bookshelves in my library.

Take care

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Posts from the TrancedOUT forum

Time Boxing by pokerwithoutcards

Time boxing is the act of sectioning off a particular amount of time for an activity.

One way it can be used is to stop procrastination and move into action.

In other words if you tell yourself, “I am only going to spend 30 minutes on this project,” you might spend more than 30, but the promise that you have permission from yourself to quit after that time is very reassuring. It gets you to take action.

The other way it can be used is to control how your working. I forgot what the “law” is called, but essentially there’s a doctrine that states that a task inflates itself to the amount of time allocated to it.

That means if you act as if you have unlimited time for a particular task, you will spend a long time on details that perhaps does not impact the final result that much if at all.

If, instead, you allocate a certain amount of time, you will do ONLY those things that are necessary to move it into completion.


I want to clean up my house

Problems: Too big chunk, unspecified, looks/sounds/feels like a big task.


a) Chunk down. “I will clean off this desk, that desk, and this other thing.”

GET SPECIFIC. Get as specific as you need to be. If it appears overwhelming, keep chunking down and do a few steps at a time.

You can solve any goal by simply taking it a few steps at a time. The biggest challenge in anything that you have to do is to GET STARTED and take action. Make a plan, and then LAUNCH immediately.

b) Time box. “I will spend only an hour today cleaning up the kitchen. If I get the kitchen clean before then, I get to stop. If I’m still working in the kitchen after an hour has passed, I get to stop.”

By setting up rules for how you will do it, you actually DO something towards the task, and you relieve yourself from any guilt.

Use these things in your life, and you will be successful.

Taking Action by Exiled

Hey Everyone,

When most people think of personal development we think about self help tapes, Tony Robbins, motivational speakers and so on. The reason is most of those things mentioned all have something to do with the field of personal development.

We spend thousands of dollars and invest our time into changing our lives for the better. We got to these events and reads the books learning new techniques, new ways of thinking and taking notice of how we are feeling.

The Personal Development field is one of the biggest money makers in the world. Millions of tapes, books and speakers are providing their message. The truth is most of these people are successful and have followed certain blueprints that lead to them being successful.

Other times the person is only successful because he is a really good con artist, but hey the con artist was smart enough to think of the idea in the first place.

Okay, back to the meat of this post.

We go to these events and we get pumped up and ready for massive change. In other cases, we ready the books and listen to the tapes and reflect upon our lives while listening. Once we finish we know things are going to be different. We know our lives can never be the same.

Then when we fast forward a few months into the future these same people are in the same place they were before or worst. Why? Why spend the amount of time, energy and money for these products yet some people never even finish the tape set. Why?

Why would people spend so much money and time and then not change anything about their lives. These people have received great information, but how come most people never become successful or become rich?

Is it because this information doesn’t work or is it because you got ripped off. One could say these things but I tend to think thats not the problem at all. Remember, knowledge and information isn’t power. Someone once said Knowledge and information is nothing more then unorganized information.

For some reason people tend to think all you have to do is gain some new information and success is bound. Well thinking positive may be better than thinking negative, but if you just sit on your butt and hope you may never see success.

So what is the difference between those who make the information work and those who don’t. Its really quite simple and its how I’ve done pretty well for myself. Its nothing more than two simple words, which are “Taking Action”.

I know some of you are like I already know that, well if you do how come your not where you want to be. Gaining information is just the first step, the second step is to act upon this information and take action. You must take action every single day to reach your goals.

Some people tend to think you must make massive amounts of action and that’s not the case. Just a little step each day in the right direction and you will get there. Some people tend to take action for a few days and then stop when life starts to get hard.

The real winners are the ones who take small steps in the right direction with each step getting you closure and closure. Some people who want to get in better shape try to make it a habit to get on the treadmill everyday for 30 min when they never stepped on one in their life.

So instead of doing 30 min every day why not just get on for 5 to 10 min and get your body and mind used to the idea.

In realitiy, nothing can get done without taking action. It all starts with a idea, but without action a idea is nothing more then just a idea. So gather information, know what you want and just take action.

Now this doesn’t mean everything will be perfect in your life, but how can you get down the road if you don’t leave the house. Personally it is the people who move toward what they want and take action that seem to be the ones who can say this self improvement tape worked for me or Tony Robbins changed my life.

We can’t blame them for supplying the information and then when it doesn’t work blame them because we didn’t take action. So once again TAKE ACTION and move toward change. Once again this is just my opinion and we all know there are many ways that lead to the same road.

REPLY by pokerwithoutcards:

It took me probably 20 times hearing my good friends say this to me before I got it. They kept saying, “Take action, bro, you need to stop thinking and do things.”

And now I understand the value of it. Most people only contemplate and they do a bunch of future predicting about how it’s going to turn out.

Felix Dennis says in his book “How to Get Rich” (he is a multi-millionaire) that ideas hardly even matter if the follow-through is good. In other words you could have a shitty idea with great follow-through and make it work, but..


Oscar and I had an idea for a coaching program. Are we at the “ideal” place in our business? Of course not – we always want to be bigger and better.

Are we MUCH farther ahead and better off for taking action and LAUNCHING? Yes. And we’ve had a TON of fun in the process and we’ve met a lot of great people.

If you read, listen to, or watch enough self improvement stuff, you will hear this point over and over again. You MUST take action and -do- something.

Yes, it won’t be perfect at first. It’s just bound to happen.

Now I can stand up in front of a room and, with true authority tell people what works and what doesn’t. Theory-based knowledge is great for mental stimulation, but useless in the real world.

Thanks for the post, Josh. Great topic.

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Tony Robbins: Leadership in Crisis video

This video, about reaction at a Tony Robbins event about the terrorist attacks on 9/11, I’m sure, has made it around the internet because it’s pretty old. And I’ve actually seen this seminar tape and was really struck by it, but today I came across a clip of it, and I wanted to share it here.

As a person who leads events, I wonder what it would be like to navigate through a landscape like that. Tony did an incredible job at utilizing the situation, something that obviously came from a lot of experience being on stage and being able to think on his feet.

What would you have done in Tony’s situation, here?

As you answer that question, remember that the map is not the territory. The muslim man is not “wrong” for his beliefs and I applaud him for being able to say that freely. Dogmatism just isn’t enough fun. How do we reconcile the opinions?

To me that’s a challenge worth looking into.

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Stay Focused. Stay Strong. Stay Passionate.

“Risin’ up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive.

So many times, it happens too fast
You change your passion for glory
Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive”

– Survivor, “Eye of the Tiger”

We must purposefully create discomfort with our current situation, in order to grow beyond our limits.

I am constantly pushing myself to do things, as Kanye West says, BETTER, FASTER, HARDER, STRONGER.

You must do this as well. For the second you take things for granted is the second that you are slipping, moving back into being a somnambulist to the mass media and popular culture and to your excuses for not achieving the success you deserve.

Here is my question for you:

What will we do, to maintain our level of PASSION, our FOCUS on our goals, and our INSATIABLE DESIRE to achieve them?

It is said that people who are young are the drivers of all that is good.

Felix Dennis, in his book “How to Get Rich,” calls the stamina of the young and their unjaded perspective as their most valuable assets. Experience? Capital? These are largely irrelevant for the young people today. We must have the desire and the will to achieve.

And if we are going to climb to the top of whatever ladder or mountain we choose to set our sights on, our focus and intensity must be at a thousand percent.

Are you with me? What can we do to achieve this?

Hypnosis and NLP Personal Development

Incredible changes!

To those of you that read this with an RSS feed, I know you probably think I’m slacking. The truth is I’ve been doing more than I ever have.

Along with a good friend of mine, we have started a coaching company that uses hypnosis and NLP skills to get people to where they want to be. We guide them through the process every step of the way and ensure that they are getting maximum results.

Every live session with us includes a dual induction, which is where I am in your left ear and my friend is in your right ear, and we get you so far into trance that all you remember is that your life seems to be improving more rapidly than you can imagine.

Right now since we are in “trials,” we are working on getting the testimonials that will promote us forward. Look for them, they will be coming. The clients that we coach are experiencing incredible results and are seeing some very powerful changes manifest in their lives.

If you live in the DC area or can make it there and if you would like to be a part of our program, let me know on the forums, or send me an e-mail at pokerwithoutcardsyt at gmail dotcom.