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Tony Robbins: Leadership in Crisis video

This video, about reaction at a Tony Robbins event about the terrorist attacks on 9/11, I’m sure, has made it around the internet because it’s pretty old. And I’ve actually seen this seminar tape and was really struck by it, but today I came across a clip of it, and I wanted to share it here.

As a person who leads events, I wonder what it would be like to navigate through a landscape like that. Tony did an incredible job at utilizing the situation, something that obviously came from a lot of experience being on stage and being able to think on his feet.

What would you have done in Tony’s situation, here?

As you answer that question, remember that the map is not the territory. The muslim man is not “wrong” for his beliefs and I applaud him for being able to say that freely. Dogmatism just isn’t enough fun. How do we reconcile the opinions?

To me that’s a challenge worth looking into.


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