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Fast Self-Hypnosis Method

People have been asking me how they can get started with self-hypnosis.

Here is an easy way that will lead you right to where you want to go.

First, decide what suggestion you’d like to give yourself. Good suggestions are stated in the positive. Say “I’m going to weigh 150 pounds” instead of “I don’t want to overeat anymore”.

Second, get an index card. When you’ve got your index card ready, write down your suggestion on the index card.

Now, sit down in a chair, and read the suggestion out loud in such a way that it goes right into your subconscious mind. Then, right as you go into trance, let your body become limp and relaxed, let the card drop and forget about it, and have that suggestion etched in your mind.

Later on we’ll be covering on how a person can know absolutely that they are in trance. Hint: you can still hear what’s going on outside of you, but you just don’t care. It’s ort of like you’re immersed in a good movie or a good book.


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Now is this method simply reading until you trance out? Or is there more to it?

You read the card, let the suggestion go in as you close your eyes, dropping the card and letting yourself absorb the suggestion in trance, without any sort of analysis.

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