Personal Development

Everyone wants to get out of the rain.

Look down, there’s some change in your pocket!
I’m listening to a song called “Liquid Sovereignty” by Eyedea and Abilities. I suggest that you listen to it and understand the message.

The chorus is:

“Everyone wants to get out of the rain
Wants to be free, wants to see no more pain
We’re guaranteed that the seasons will change
‘Till then, I’m keeping sunshine on my brain”
It’s almost metaphorical.

Our space in time here — our lives are made up of polarities. The polarity between the successful, motivated, grounded, and energized individual who drives life to the edge, and the person who never seems to get anything done despite a backdrop of tremendous opportunity.
These are the polarities between confidence and self-loathing; between acceptance and denial… and the sharp contrast between striving to be successful at everything, and automatically being successful at nothing, through stagnation and apathetic thought.

Where do -you- want to go?

And as you carry that around with you,
I wonder how quickly you could find yourself able to

Really decide RIGHT NOW whether you want to be average or extraordinary.

It is this type of decision that will shape your unconscious into the person that you are destined to be, so that you get all of the results and the rewards, and the intensity of life that you’ve been waiting for starts immediately.
I am painting you a clear picture so that you know that if you’re “sort of on the line kind of not really there,” you’re not gonna get it. Be pro-active and have your life turn out the way you want it to!
I know that some of you have clocks on the wall, things that tell time. Some of these clocks have these little second hands and if you’re like most people, YOU CAN IMAGINE NOW that with every tick of that clock,
that’s another second in which you’ve spent time contemplating what to do instead of taking massive action. Before you know it, that’ll be YET ANOTHER minute that you have probably spent wishing and hoping and wanting but not -getting- …
What do you truly want?

Lots of motivated people have had this feeling that ANY day now there will suddenly be a big explosion of creativity and genius and insight… And it’s true that eventually you will have that time where you decide to be bigger, better, greater
But how many seconds or minutes, days or… YEARS will pass by before you realize that it’s time NOW?

Keep that clock in mind and do what it takes. You’ve but one life to give … to yourself, and to everyone who will be benefited from enjoying this new and improved you.
Take care of all of both of you,

Both the polarity who knows you can succeed,

And the energy to get there.


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