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The Complete Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Strategy

January 1, 2010

Complete Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Strategy

As with any other area of self hypnosis, weight loss involves following a clear strategy. Broadly speaking, this has three elements to it – setting a clear goal, identifying obstacles and ways to get around them, and developing resources where necessary. For weight loss, you can think of this as Eyes on the Prize, Exorcize and Exercise!

1. Eyes On The Prize

“Weight loss” has no meaning in itself, or rather, it has so many meanings that it might as well be meaningless. You lose weight every time you take off your shoes, but that’s probably not what you had in mind! So it’s absolutely crucial that you understand what weight loss means to you personally, by setting a very clear goal.

One way to do this is to describe your goal in “video-talk”. Imagine shooting a movie of an average day when you’re back in control of your own weight, from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to bed at night. What would that movie be like? What do you see, hear and feel? What do you do, and who do you it with?

Another good question to ask yourself is “what would losing all this weight actually do for me?” Shedding the pounds is just a means to an end, after all. Perhaps losing weight would make you feel more confident at parties, improve your health, give you more energy, and so on. Mentally video those outcomes too – what will you see, hear, feel and do when you have more energy?

Use self hypnosis to reinforce this preferred future. Observe your mental movie from the outside a few times, then step up into the cinema screen of your mind and act it from the inside. Notice how it feels to be back in control. What you’re doing is setting up an expectation of the future which your unconscious mind will then seek to fulfill.

2. Exorcize

Very often, the only thing that stands between you and a healthy body weight is habit, such as a craving for a particular type of food. Inevitably, this will be something fatty, sugary or processed. People rarely crave vegetable crudités.

Cravings are usually a response to some sort of emotional discomfort, such as stress, anxiety or boredom. They provide a temporary distraction, but do nothing to eliminate the real source of that discomfort, and giving into them usually makes you feel worse. You probably know, logically, that giving into the craving is a poor remedy for whatever it is that ails you, and you may even say this to yourself as you reach for that bag of potato chips after a bad day at work. But it’s as if your hands and mouth have been possessed by a snack demon.

One way to exorcize it is to use self hypnosis to externalize it. Picture it as a person, or even some sort of gremlin. Thank it for bringing you the message that something needed to be looked at, then very unequivocally tell it to depart. Watch it disappear from view.

3. Exercise

The main resource that you need for effective weight loss is some sort of physical exercise. When your body uses more calories than it consumes, weight loss inevitably follows. Although this is infallible biochemistry, many people feel about exercise the way they feel about root canal surgery or jury service – necessary, but not something you do by choice. One way to overcome this is to begin with a reframe. Banish the word “exercise” from your vocabulary and start thinking about “energizing” instead. Suddenly, it sounds much more attractive.

You can also use self hypnosis to boost your motivation to exercise/energize. You don’t even have to do that much more – something like walking an extra four blocks a day will very quickly begin to have a positive effect on your weight and body shape. Build up a picture of a time when you have felt motivated to do something. I guarantee that you will have been motivated at some time in your life, even if it’s only to floss before a big date. Get a sense of that motivated feeling, maybe even see it as a light or color. Whereabouts in your body do you feel it the most? Imagine that raw motivation sensation circulating throughout your body as you walk that extra four blocks a day, or however else you choose to do it.

These three steps are the essence of a complete self hypnosis weight loss strategy. Naturally the details will vary for each person, but apply the fundamental principles of goal setting, obstacle elimination and resource creation to your individual circumstances and you’ll have a powerful tool at your disposal.


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Sherri @ self hypnosis January 26, 2010 at 1:13 pm

Terrific self hypnosis for weight loss strategy!

I had to rub my eyes – did you say exorcize? I’m going to have fun telling my gremlins to take a hike! Thanks for giving it a fun, new twist.

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