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Three Things Learning Hypnotherapy Taught Me About Living In The Moment

Here are three things that have come about as a result of my learning hypnotherapy (and learning hypnosis). Each one of these things has been a major force in my life, and has provided plenty of changes!

1) Sensory Acuity and Reading Body Language.

I used have a quality that a lot of guys have — which is being totally ignorant about body language. I didn’t know how to distinguish between different “eye codes,” and I wasn’t aware of the differences between confident and non-confident body language.

Through my study of Hypnosis and NLP, I’ve become very acutely aware of these presences, and it’s not because I am “analyzing” the different patterns. One of my friends does this — he will look for clusters of body language cues. I don’t do that. For me, it has become largely unconscious.

Because I am able to tell exactly what is going on, I actually know when the right time is to drop someone’s arm, or the exact intonation I’m going to use with an induction. It helps me to live much more in the moment instead of having to catch up with whatever just happened.

2) Dreams Are The First Step Of Any Outcome

In order to do anything, you have to go inside and make a picture, sound, or feeling. It might not even be consciously noticeable.  What I have found is that by simply making an intention or a dream towards what I want to have happen, my brain rewires itself to meet that goal.

What is really cool is that if my goal is to be in the moment with someone, I can do that. There’s a specific strategy for how to do it, and now it’s just automatic. Learning hypnosis helped me to understand consciously how all of this worked, so that I could trigger it.

3) It’s Okay To RELAX!

While it might be funny to a lot of experienced hypnotists out there, most people do not believe that they can simply decide to relax. They believe you have to do something before it. Hey, I used to think the same thing! Emotions just happen to me, right?

What I know now is that I can simply decide to relax and go with the flow. And I can do it in cool ways! The other day I was doing a hypnosis training, and I did the “Drug of Choice” induction with one of the women.

She wanted to have a “hypnotic joint”. What’s great about this is that she can now feel relaxed and feel pleasurable feelings any time she wants, without breaking any laws or spending any money!

Learning hypnotherapy has taught me that you can relax in the moment, be peaceful about whatever is going on, and feel complete all without effort.


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