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Creating Your Dreams List

When you think about where you want to be in twenty years, are the images full of detail? Can you hear the sounds and feel the feelings?

If those images lack clarity, you’re not the only one. Most people have put very little thought and energy into how their lives will come together in the future. Can you imagine going through your life with no clear direction, with no set feelings about what you’ll be doing the next year? That is what most people will do. Do you want to be “most people”? No? Keep reading.

Recently my hypnosis cohort and I led fourteen people through a series of imaginative exercises that culminated in one lucky person being guided into a super-dreamy trance state. It’s a state where you are free to imagine anything that your subconscious mind computer can come up with.

When we had this person in trance, we guided him into future-pacing how he was going to use these skills twenty years out into the future. In this highly unconscious process, he was able to incorporate desires that he wasn’t consciously aware of, and he came out of trance with a more useful map of where he needs to go.

When Freud was experimenting with hypnosis, he used a technique known as “free-association” that he believed tapped into the power of the unconscious mind, and this exercise that I’m going to share with you has a lot in common with what he did, without all the crazy stuff.

What we’re going to do is make a dreams list.

It’s not a list of what is possible. It’s not a list about what is likely. It’s not a list with any limitations.

It’s a list of dreams. It’s asking questions like: what would you do if you knew that you could not fail? If money and time were no object and you could go anywhere and do anything, who would you choose to be? Let your mind be free to come up with your unconscious desires.

Here is what you’ll do. Grab a rudimentary writing tool like a pencil or a pen, and have in front of you one or two fully blank sheets of paper. Turn your cell phone, your wife, your kids, and your computer screen off. No distractions. Go find that “Do Not Disturb” sign you stole from the Marriott.

You’ll need a timer: Digital, Analog, or Sand. Set it for three minutes.

When the timer starts to go, I want you to write down as fast as you can and without any conscious thought everything you want to achieve in your life. You can even put down things that you already have, but the concentration should be on what you want. Give yourself permission to be as focused on material possessions as your subconscious chooses to be. Put down those intangibles too.

Now I want you to … right now… before another second passes, grab that pencil, those blank sheets of paper, set your timer, and … wait for it … If you had unlimited time, unlimited talent, and unlimited resources, what would you choose to do? Who would you choose to be? Are you ready? Set?


Hey! What are you still doing here? You have all the instructions! Grab your pencil and paper, turn on your imagination, and get to it!


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