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How to Meet Up With Other Hypnotists: The Top 5 Ways and Why Your Training in Hypnosis Absolutely Depends On It

There is no doubt about it

Networking, meeting, and knowing other hypnotists when you wish to become better is one of the most  helpful things you can do.

Just yesterday I had a bi-weekly hypnosis lunch here in Washington DC, next week I will be going to a monthly talk that a group here does, and a couple hours from now I am due to talk hypnosis yet again.

It is priceless to attend this type of hypnosis meeting, because you will learn insider information that most people simply are not exposed to. It is akin to getting free training.

Here are the Top 5 Ways to Meet Other Hypnotists:

1)  The Sleepwalkers Organization

In most major  cities, there is a sleepwalkers hypnosis group which you can get in touch with and go to the meetings. Not all of the groups are active (for example, the one here in DC is not very active), but I have had a lot of fun by attending the sleepwalkers meetings and by instructing them.

2)  Groups on allows you to create groups which have local meetings on topics that might interest you. Don’t just look for a “hypnosis meeting” but also “hypnotherapy meetups” and “NLP meetups”.

There’s at least 4 major Meetup groups near me that I could go to that are listed on the site. It happens that I know more than that, but this is a great start.

3) Visit Hypnosis Communities and Groups

Oftentimes with a simple search on a community site (such as, you can find people locally who are practicing in your same area. When you get active in discussions and post your name and location, you are announcing for the world to come and find you.

Also participate in groups such as the HypnosisTechniqueExchange, where you will not only find great information, but by posting your location you will attract the attention of others near you. You could even do an introductory post asking people to introduce you to other hypnotists!

4) Call up any practicing hypnotists in the area and introduce yourself.

This can be very effective. It may seem scary at first, and some hypnotists may be off-putting on even talking to you, but MOST hypnotists will be more than glad to help you out and become friends with you.

Offer to buy them lunch and find out about them. You will be surprised at the high-level responses you get. Whenever someone calls me in this way, I am always VERY impressed.

5) If no groups exist, create one.

This is how I started up The Hypnosis Club, which turned into the biggest hypnosis group in my area during college. I’ll never forget the first time we got 20 people to come to a hypnosis seminar in a near-by hotel. It was an experience, and because I had put so much publicity out about it, a professional stage hypnotist (Hypnotic Blaze) decided to drive down and do a show for us.

Are you ready to lead up your own events? This is the way to go. When you get a regular amount of people coming to the group, you can sponsor professional trainers to come and do trainings there. I’ve flown across the country just because someone took the time to start up a group and followed through with it!

Whatever the way that you meet up with others, it is very important to get out there and start learning techniques. You will grow much faster, and I have learned tons from my friends who are hypnotists, completely free of charge.


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Meeting other hypnotists so far has alluded me. Of course I live in a fairly small town and people here seem to view hypnosis as some form of witchcraft. At least they all seem quite scared of it, even though I tell them about the benefits and they are the ones actually in control. I think most people are just scared of change.

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