Hypnosis Helps Americans Cope With Recession Stress

It seems like we are constantly being bombarded in the news that America is in fact “in a recession,” and that means that we all have to feel bad and mourn about how many jobs are being cut.

In fact, people seem to believe that they themselves must take this recession personally, even if they have a secure job or business, and even if the rest of their life is going great. Weird, huh?

When it rains, it pours.

From the positive living camp, Norman Vincent Peale wrote that “problems are a sign of life.” And if we dig deep enough into our philosophies, isn’t it true that most of this money-stuff is on the surface?

And here’s a question – if we COULD let it go, … should we?

I think we should. Emotionally, at least. To release the emotions so that the flow of life can return.

And one of the great ways that some people are letting it go, and giving themselves permission to do so, is through hypnosis.

Either self-hypnosis through a set of steps, listening to recordings,

Or being hypnotized by a professional. (Hey, did you know that I do phone sessions? 😉

By the way, here is a great self-hypnosis method that you can use, to calm your nerves…

Stand shoulder-width apart… put a little flex in your knees… Inhale very deeply for about 5-8 seconds….

Now begin to exhale slowly, close your eyes, and focus on your heart beat.

And in the moment, notice everything about the external environment… what temperature is the air?

Then, let all of that go, and focus exclusively on your internal body. What do your organs feel like inside of you? What is happening to the hair on your skin? How are your eyes relaxing inside your eyes?

Keep your throat, your jaw muscles, your facial muscles, your eyes, and your forehead completely relaxed…

And breathe for a couple minutes for 10 seconds in, 10 seconds out.

Then open your eyes…. SMILE….

Look right up at the ceiling … shake your shoulders out a bit, and wiggle your body. Get some blood circulating, and feel your body ready to take on whatever comes along.

This can have some great effects.

Have fun.


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