Hypnosis and NLP

Phonological Ambiguities

Phonological ambiguities are produced when a set of sounds can be said in more than one way. One word might be made to sound like another word. This may be because the words sound so similar, or it may be because of the way we mark out the word when we say it.

If I tell you to move “into” new patterns of thought, I could easily be saying to move in TWO new patterns, one which leads to your future, and one which leads to the past.

Of course a great ambiguity from Milton Erickson is “Your unconscious.” Your conscious mind is carefully monitoring what I’m saying, BUT you know that your unconscious now is able to sort through the sound of my voice and find which sound feels most soothing.

Am I talking about a part of your mind, your unconscious mind; or is that a command? You’re unconscious. NOW.

Can you hear the voices here?

Have you ever been able to pay a tension or does this particular activity just make your muscles bunch up?

How quickly will you find yourself begin to relax inside and ONE TWO (want to) THREE (free) your mine (mind) from the old pictures of your past? It’s so that you can lead TWO go inside quicker because you’re the ONE who can do that. (This is an example of using ambiguities to covertly fractionate)


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