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More street hypnosis – field report

Hypnosis on the street, this past Saturday night.

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I was out with some friends, and the night was winding down – it was already about 1am. I had already hypnotized this girl’s friend (seen below) with an arm-drop induction, and had conditioned her to a trigger of “sleep now” and snapping my fingers.

After some small talk, I asked her if she believed the trigger still worked. She shook her head, because “obviously” she couldn’t be in hypnosis after almost twenty minutes.

“Give your friend your cigarette,” I told her. And just as soon as she did, I said the magic words and she went into trance like a rocket.

At that point, just for fun, the girl above still hadn’t been hypnotized. So I had them exchange items again, and this time I did an instant induction without any conditioning what-so-ever which is what you see in the first image.

Most hypnotists actually precondition the people they work with before they do “instant” inductions with them – however I’ve proven that you can hypnotize people instantly. You’d be surprised at how many hypnotists are afraid of instant inductions.

Just for fun I stuck the girl’s feet to the floor using some hypnosis glue. I started to walk away saying, “We had a great time girls, talk to you later!” And she yelled after us, “HEY! I can’t move my feet!”

Once she was absolutely convinced that she was in fact hypnotized, I gave her some suggestions about how when she was ready and when it made the most sense to each and every part of her (ecology and future pacing), her subconscious mind could automatically eliminate the need for those cigarettes altogether.

I’ve done my good deed for the day. Time to go harass the locals.


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