Hypnosis and NLP

Circle of Power

Part of becoming a great hypnotist is learning how to create tools for change.

In this example, we use an imaginary circle of possibility and power. The circle doesn’t have to really exist, because we can dream it up in our minds. We can add on any abilities we want it to have an craft it any way we want.

So the key is a great imagination.

The basic steps of this technique are to:

  1. Imagine a circle on the floor. It can be like a hula hoop or it can be just a circle of energy.
  2. Visualize a person who you want to emulate, or some great skillset, inside of the circle.
  3. Step into the circle, and absorb the skills or the person that is within it. Take out or add in anything you want.
  4. Step out of the circle, taking with you the skill or ability.

Now that you’ve got that framework, you might become curious to how you can modify it. The circle is flexible so you can make it an energy cylinder; it can be wavelike, or full of energizing particles. It could also be something like Wonka’s elevator, where you click a button and you get an effect.

All of these are just constructs but they help people to feel that they are in a different space – that means all of their normal filters that they place on things are not there. That’s how rapid learning takes place within hypnosis – we’re just getting rid of the interference.


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