Hypnosis and NLP

When you step into this hypnosis role

When you are doing hypnosis with someone, you must be solid in your role.

I think the reason that leaders like Jim Jones or Oral Roberts are successful is that they are (or were) truly convinced of their mission. They believe something so fully that what they project comes off brilliantly congruent.

[tag]Congruency[/tag] is something you can amp up and down. I created a switch. When you become overwhelmingly congruent, it is like you are blowing the person out with energy. If the [tag]frames[/tag] are right and you have established expectation of god-like experiences (i.e. religious leaders), then that is taken as an affirmation of your [tag]personal power[/tag]. It can be negative however because people are not ready for the wattage you can pump into the universe if you wake up.

I know a lot of hypnotists who aren’t congruent with their own expectations, and, in addition, they are mismatching the other person’s map with the excuse of being “accurate.”

EXAMPLE. If a person tells me “don’t look me in the eyes” they are telling me that they believe I can hypnotize them by looking them in the eyes.

Assuming I have permission to hypnotize them, instead of saying “Actually, honey, I can’t hypnotize you by looking you in the eyes, in fact no hypnotist can do that,” which is a stupid thing to say…

I tell them “It’s ok, you don’t have to look at me with your eyes, because a picture of my eyes looking right into you can can go ahead and POP between the eyelids and your unconscious portion of your mind, they’re inside eyes, and they are telling you the the harder you try to open your normal outside eyes, the more they get locked shut. Only when the inside eyes can see clearly how deeply inside the trance we are going, you can start to be fine with them being locked shut now and just go all the way, deep into this.”

For all you listening, go inside your mind, grab that congruency dial, and right when you tell her that you’re going deep into this trance because you hear my words inside your head at this point in the conversation, you turn that congruency up and you leave it on full.

All of these things are good to have you in hypnosis. For all of those beginners (to go into [tag]trance[/tag]), start to assume you already do know what you’re doing. Pretend so fully that it becomes true for you.


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