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10 Hypnosis Blogs On My Daily Must-Read List

Do you enjoy reading hypnosis blogs?  I think it’s great that hypnotists are blogging about their experiences, although some of them don’t know how to start a blog. If that’s you, then contact me and we’ll talk.

At any rate, here are the Top 10 Blogs that I always find myself reading:

1)  Whats On My Brain Hypnosis Blog

One of the most popular hypnosis blogs on the internet, Whats On My Brain is updated by my good friend Joshua Houghton, who puts all sorts of good content on there. This is probably the blog I check most often. Highly recommended.

2) Life of Brian

Second on the list is this site by Brian David Phillips. This site gets updated probably once a day, and even though the blog does go “off topic” of hypnosis quite a bit, Brian’s worthwhile posts often make up for it.

3) Champion Mind Skills

This is VelvetMallet’s blog, and he posts all sorts of great things on here! Definitely one to check out and put on your RSS feed.

4) (This one is no longer working)

5)  Regression Hypnotherapy Blog

Matt Sison and Randy Shaw’s blog talks about Advanced Hypnotherapy concepts and techniques.

6) (This one is no longer working)

7) (This one is no longer working)

8 ) Dave Sabat’s Exuberance Hypnotherapy

This blog is updated once in a while with some interesting things — the latest post while I am writing this is one on persistence, which I am sure all of us can use in our lives.

9) Success Work Hypnosis

Even though I’ve never met Jeff, this is a pretty cool blog with lots of interesting documents intermixed in. It might appeal more to the “conversational hypnosis” or “persuasion” crowd rather than the clinical hypnotist, though.

10) (This one is no longer working)

And last by not least, Andy Mitchell’s blog contains guest articles and information for professional hypnotists. Andy and I have been friends for some time, and it’s always interesting to see what he comes up with!

That’s it! Did I miss any? Let me know if I did, and your thoughts on how you like these blogs. These are the ones that I read so you should be good in adding all of these to your RSS reader!


24 replies on “10 Hypnosis Blogs On My Daily Must-Read List”

I have found Cal Banyan’s stuff on the inner child work to be quite comprehensive. He is definitely someone to follow in regards to this work. I have had a lot of success working with people by including the wounded child work into my normal schedule. A good list, thank you.

Thanks for putting together this list of blogs. I am familiar with some of the names (Cal Banyan, Randy Shaw), but others I had not come across before. Nathan Thomas has some interesting things to say.

Just started my own blog – after hypnosis training recently. Am quite new to this thing (writing a blog and hypnosis). Thanks for this info. Just started looking at hypnosis blogs and yours looks great. Thank you. Will explore your recommendations for other blogs. Thanks again

thanks for this I am always reading other peoples blogs to see what they are up to and what ideas they have. It is great to share thoughts and ideas as well as successes so I will be checking out more hypnotherapy blogs thanks to this.

Thanks for this resource. I am always looking to read good quality blogs on hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I’ll be adding many of these to as bookmarks.

There are so many techniques to building confidence, happiness and general self improvement but hypnosis is head and shoulders above everything else when it comes to permanent and great results.

Keep up the great work

The list is great! I have just started learning about hypnosis and NLP. I find this to be a great resource. Great effort!

Nice compilation, Some of them work no more. i just started a blog with big intentions for the hypnosis community, i hope fellow hypnotists embrace my ideas, I’m looking to build deep connections with hypnosis and NLP practitioners.

Really love your posts, If you are ever in the Clearwater/safety harbor area come check out my facilities. Love the hypnosis process! Theres no need for harmful drugs when the power is all in your mind.

Thank you very much for this amazing resource! An update would be great though:).

If anybody here is interested in mastering the beautiful art of street hypnosis, it would be great to connect!

GREAT article! I really appreciate that you took the time to share these blogs and why you like them. There are so many hypnosis blogs out there and many of them are frankly not very good. I’m going to check these out today. Thanks! 🙂

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