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Timeline Technique

Just came up with a great technique.

You go out to the future, say a year… and you visualize action, vivid clarity, rich full sounds, maybe how you feel, from first position yourself. Now when you’ve got it, you anchor it, and reverse time at rocket speed, notice to see each individual picture quickly now, like rewinding a videotape at 4x, and notice what happened to get you there. Now you go forward, set off the flares in the air for the key turning points of how this all happened, and when you stop, let form in between the key points the individual steps and actions. This can have powerful unconscious effects.

Ok now. You ZOOM BACK, jumping to the beginning of THIS video, that you lose track of where it is, gain balance and stop at where you have achieved your goal. Now you go back all the way to the beginning again, back and forth that way in rapid succession, having pictures go faster than you can see them, until you SLOW DOWN THE PICTURES and you see each step clearly… That you can slow down more and more, until you stop and get feed back, and then feed forward into the future, having anchored the reality of your future outcome now.

At the end you have built in a powerful anchor for where you want to be, everything in between has been fleshed out as well, (and you can compare this) both at a deep unconscious level (fast pictures) and at a conscious level (slow down the pictures so you can see them), that wherever you see it and it ends up, leads directly to your outcome.

Have fun


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