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The Poker Without Cards book

Since I explained to Nathan in my interview with him how I got my nickname, I’ve had a lot of requests for the book that I talk about.

I really like it, it’s not something for everybody but it struck a chord with me and I ran with it. I actually own a physical copy of the book.

You can get it at here: Poker Without Cards: A Consciousness Thriller

You can also download the eBook here: Poker Without Cards eBook


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Ben Mack October 24 at 10:23 pm

PDF available here

Ben Mack December 20 at 11:24 am

Thank you for pimping my novel! I was woefully remiss in not thanking you above. Today, I am a busker, barking to gather a crowd on Friday for a mind altering performance…

WARNING: intellishit

i hope you see this as a lovenote to my domestic partner Anna Zinova. I wrote Poker Without Cards to summon the woman who might complete me. It appears to have worked. She introduced herself to me in May because she wanted to record my novel. I said yes. below is shameless self-promotion of this event

intellishit – n. whatever comes out of a politician or a marketer.
e.g., see below

12/23 at 2:23 NYC time
Live reading of => Poker Without Cards
replay will be at
(209) 647-1600 conference 170373#
(see more for Skype instruction)

Starring Anna Zinova as Psychiatrist #1
Erik Julian Hughes as Howard Campbell
Julian James as Dr. Fink
Blair Murphy as Ben Mack

Skype Instructions: first add ‘freeconferencecallhd.0000000000’ (zeros present assigned conference dial-in number) contacts. At the scheduled date and time of the conference call, select the contact and click Call. Next, locate the key pad and enter 170373# when prompted.

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