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Hypnosis Voice Training Techniques (Continued)

Since my last article on voice training exercises had some good responses, I thought I’d continue by talking more about a hypnotist can improve their voice.

This time I want to talk about emotional undertones in your voice and the different states that are possible to lead someone through just by using the voice. Our model for this is Tony Robbins. That guy is amazing with his voice. He captivates the audience, mostly with his voice.
Do you think Tony Robbins knows how to do playful? outrageous? excited? teary-eyed soft moments? huge rushes of adrenaline? You KNOW he does, if you’ve listened to him.

The emotional undertone of how you are speaking can be so very important, because by altering how we pause at certain moments, or whether our voice is soft and tender or in-your-face intense, we can get people to feel differently.

Using this in hypnosis, at some times we want to be very calm. “You are now floating in a boat, calmly at sea, gently drifting along, as if all the cares in the world float away with the passing clouds…”

But at other times you want to make an impact with them. You want to get emotional. “You are NOW a non-smoker and you’ll be a non-smoker for the rest of your life! Your hands are STUCK together. You are UNABLE to speak your name!”

And my guess is that Tony did not start out being able to do all those emotions. I’m going to guess he practiced them. A LOT. It’s like an actor in a lot of ways, you practice the emotions you will need, so that when you need them they are there for you, and you can do excited, or angry, or apathetic, or loving, or any other emotion, in the moment.

Do most hypnotists that you know have that much of control over their voice and how they command attention? Do you have it? If you don’t then realize it’s another thing that you can learn. Just as you have been learning hypnosis, you can also learn to have a great control over your voice. So when it comes time to pound that message into someone that they will get all the changes you have suggested to them, you’ll be able to do it, no problem.

Now here’s another voice exercise called the Alphabet or Vowels exercise. You will say the vowels, but the way you will say them will vary. First you start out with very pleasurable feel-good tip-of-the-orgasm type feelings, and then you do anger, and then you do like you are begging someone for a request and you really need them to do it for you.

So how could you say “E” (and hold the note) and make it sound like you were a little kid, curious about the world, discovering something new? If this isn’t an experience you have a reference for, invent one. Then imagine if you were a 30-something woman and you had just been treated to a day at the spa, and hold that same vowel with that in mind. Then do it like you are commanding someone to do something.

Obviously this is hard to describe over text, and maybe I will do an accompanying mp3 with this to demonstrate how it is done if there are enough requests! Enjoy.

Hypnosis and NLP

Voice Training Exercises for Hypnotists

It’s 9 A.M. and I’m surprised the neighbors haven’t called the cops on me yet. For the past hour I’ve been blasting away at the walls doing vocal projection exercises. This particular exercise involves reciting famous passages like Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech, and Patrick Henry’s Call to Action, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

As hypnotists we should be always improving ourselves, and if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I am an advocate of “CANI” or Constant And Never-Ending Improvement. Your voice is one thing that you should be practicing to improve at least once in a while, and one of the ways is by doing voice training exercises.

If you have studied NLP at all, you know that some people are primarily auditory, and making this type of person happy means that you will need to sound pleasant to the ears. I have a friend who is very auditory, and he’s a musician out in LA. I’ve hypnotized him quite a few times, and he’s been hypnotized by others as well, and he will always mention to me how the quality of a person’s voice can make or break the experience.

With that in mind, here is a powerful exercise that you will want to do, to enhance the depth of your voice, and it has to do with finding your optimum pitch.

In the “Voicing It” program, Nancy Daniels talks about doing “doughnut O’s” which helps you to find the optimum center of where you should be speaking and to speak at the correct pitch. Here is how you do it:

Put your hand on your diaphragm, which is going to be in the lower part of your chest, about 2-3 inches above the solar plexus. Then, as deeply as you can, and keeping your head in a neutral position (don’t lower the head down too much), say “HO HO HO” like Santa Claus, and say it as deep as you possibly can. You should feel vibrations in the lower part of your chest and around the rib cage, which will tell you that your voice is reverberating. That is what you want!

Once you get that, hold the “O” sound and begin speaking at that same exact pitch (pitch is the relative highness or lowness of a note – in this example we are reverberating a very low pitch).

Now, since some of the readers of this blog are women, they might be thinking, “But Taylor, I don’t want to sound like Santa Claus.” This is a good point to bring up. What you have to remember is that a deeper voice, even in women, is very attractive. Super-high voices are usually associated with nagging and are not that pleasant. If you want someone to ignore what you have to say, just talk with a very high pitch and speak quickly. If you want them to listen to you and for you to be more hypnotic, lower the voice down.

You’re going to get better results by developing a smooth, deep, resonant voice.

What this exercise does is it allows you to find the optimum pitch that you should be resonating at. This is the pitch range at which you will have the most power in projecting, and it will be much easier to vibrate at that range.

This brings me to a funny exercise that Bandler does with his students, where he has them put their finger on their nose, speaking through the nose, and saying “This is my nose…” and of course they sound very nasal. Then they go “This is my mouth” and they speak through that area, then “This is my chest” … and then finally, “This is my diaphragm… and when I talk from here, I will make millions of dollars and have lots of steamy sex.”

If those things are attractive to you, do this voice training exercise! I promise it will pay off.

I made a video to show you how to do this technique. Check it out: