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10 Books Every Hypnotist Should Read

The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism (Hypnosis) by Ormond McGillThe New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism by Ormond McGill
This book is truly an encyclopedia which includes not only a wealth of information about Stage Hypnosis but a whole variety of techniques and principles that are applicable to any hypnosis situation. This book includes information about how hypnosis works, hypnotic principles that apply to any situation, a whole chapter dedicated to 100 ways to getting someone into hypnosis, and it even shows you how to hypnotize a chicken. Note: Even those hypnotists who are not interested in doing any stage work should read this book! Take my word for it, it is one of the best out there.


Hypnotherapy by Dave ElmanHypnotherapy by Dave Elman
Elman was a pioneer in the art of medical hypnosis, and this historical classic explores not only the Dave Elman Induction, but shows a wealth of other hypnotic techniques like using hypnosis as an adjunct to chemical anesthesia, as a tool for impotence and frigidity, and using hypnosis to eliminate stuttering. It’s worth it to read this book just to get inside the mind of one of the legendary hypnotists of the past, as well as learn a lot of useful techniques.


Uncommon Therapy by Jay HaleyUncommon Therapy by Jay Haley
This book quite simply blows my mind. Jay Haley provides a detailed account of Ericksonian hypnosis, and tells quite a few stories of how Milton Erickson performed his work. This is where you’ll find a lot of the examples of how to interact with a person, as well as information breaking down the structure of that communication and demystifying it so that you can use it. If you are a person who hopes to do any sort of therapy or coaching or to help people in their lives using hypnosis, this book is an absolute gold-mine of information.


The Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnotism by Geoffrey RonningThe Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnosis by Geoff Ronning
If you’re in for the par to learn stage hypnosis or want to be a professional stage hypnotist, I suggest checking out this book. Geoffrey Ronning has put together a very comprehensive guide on specifically how to perform a stage hypnosis show, how to get bookings, what happens if it all goes wrong, and tons of motivation. Although this book is mostly for stage hypnotists and it’s content is geared 90% towards that audience, if you do street hypnosis or even if you are just looking for a good suggestibility test to add onto your repetiore, this book will fulfill those needs.


Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert CialdiniInfluence by Robert Cialdini
I do believe I’ve quoted this book about a hundred times in instructing various events and seminars over the years. Cialdini was a guy who always fell for scams; if someone showed up and gave him a fancy sales pitch, he had to buy it. He got very curious as to why he always fell for these gambits, and began a length research procedure which now has been very well documented in his book. Most hypnotists have probably already read this book, but if you haven’t, order a copy. It’s very interesting reading.


Applied Hypnosis and Hyperempiria by Don GibbonsApplied Hypnosis and Hyperempiria by Don Gibbons
Probably my second most quoted book is this one, and usually I’ll just reference the book and tell people to go get it. This book by Don Gibbons is an accurate and realistic portrayal of what hypnosis is and what it isn’t. He talks about how hypnosis has been associated with sleep over the years, and how hyperempiria is actually the opposite of that, but that we use essentially the same process to get people into both states. As a bonus for this book, you learn how to take people into hyperempiric states of consciousness which can be very fun to play with. I’m always surprised at how many hypnotists haven’t even heard of hyperempiria or some of the other states that we have available to us. This is a must-read.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Reframing by Richard Bandler and John GrinderReframing by Richard Bandler and John Grinder
Reframing is a critical part of working with people and yet some of us know so little about it. A caller’s objections or a client’s misperceptions both have to be reframed and put into their proper light. People who are talented in the art of reframing are perceived as smarter, they make more money, and their clients have better results. This book shows you how to do it, along with giving you lots of techniques and understandings. It is a transcript of a live seminar that Bandler and Grinder did, but do not be fooled, this is one amazing book. I highly recommend picking up a copy.


Patterns of The Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson by Richard Bandler Judith DeLozier and John GrinderPatterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D., by John Grinder, Judith DeLozier, and Richard Bandler
Another great book by Bandler and Grinder, this one also by Judith DeLozier, is the book that introduced the concept of the Milton Model in NLP. If you’re not familiar, Richard Bandler and John Grinder spent 9 months studying Milton Erickson and watching his videotapes. The very core essence of his patterns, called the Milton Model, is now taught in 1 day in NLP practitioner trainings. There’s two volumes to the series, and they are both great, although difficult to get through. It’s not light reading, but I think it’s time well spent. Great book.


My Voice Will Go With You: The Teaching Tales of Milton Erickson by Sidney RosenMy Voice Will Go With You by Sidney Rosen
The subtitle of this book is “The Teaching Tales of Milton Erickson” and this one can be a lot of fun to read. These are some of the stories that Erickson used to tell people when hypnotizing them or before hypnotizing them. If you want to be fascinated with just how smart this guy was, read a couple of his stories and you might find yourself drifting off. Erickson was amazing at metaphor and relating concepts together, and Sidney Rosen does a fantastic job in this book cutting to the core of what we want to know. This should be in your library!


Trancework by Michael YapkoTrancework by Michael Yapko
Trancework is a comprehensive guide to learning the fundamentals of clinical hypnosis. Although Yapko is mostly an Ericksonian-style hypnotist, he provides step-by-step instructions for getting things done in hypnosis. The book is also grounded firmly in research and pragmatism, and provides a great introduction to the art of hypnosis which you should re-read every couple of years to find out what you missed the first time.


Hypnosis and NLP

Deepening the Trance Review – Sean Michael Andrews

Recently I attended a hypnosis training by Sean Michael Andrews, and right before the lunch break on one of the days, I convinced him to let me a take a sneak peak of one of his new products that has just come out, “Deepening the Trance.”

Sean didn’t want to release it into the wild at that point, but when we promised to keep the contents confidential until its debut, he finally gave in and our group got to view the DVD in its entirety. With only a select few of us in the room, he loaded up a projector attached to his Alienware laptop, and pointed it at the wall where you might have seen his huge dark-blue “Worlds Fastest Hypnotist” banner.

Roll ‘Em, Jimmy

As the movie queued up, what I saw exceeded my expectations and it looked like it came from a Hollywood camera crew. This DVD is professionally shot and edited, and features rich menus with studio quality sound. When the title screen came up, I was already pretty excited about it just because of the intro.

The first shot you see in the DVD is of Sean teaching at a seminar where he is about to demonstrate a trance. Sean starts out with a conceptual overview of what it means to deepen the trance and includes some things that you may not have known. He then calls one of the attendees up to the front of the room, and does the first deepening technique, the Vogt deepener.

You’re Going Deeper, and Deeper…

Each deepener is a collection of clips of Sean’s clients, with the same deepener being demonstrated. Each of the clients is shown going deep into hypnosis and there are visible responses in their eye flutter, facial mask, and breathing as they respond to the techniques.

I already knew a few of the techniques from working with my own clients, but I was very surprised that he slipped in some that I hadn’t even heard of but that turned out to be very effective. When I talked to Sean, it turns out he actually researched this, found the most powerful techniques and stuck them all in one video. Cool.

Now open, and close your eyes all the way down

The main scene in the video is a demonstration of all of the inductions at one of his hypnosis classes. Then for added emphasis, the video will transition to other footage he has of him doing the deepeners, including a lot of footage from his private clients.

As usual, Sean has showcased what a great area he lives in, because a lot of his clients are attractive young women! Check this blog often because when I find out his secret, that’s it, we’re all packing up and moving to Sean’s neighborhood.

What could be better about this DVD?

Because there are so many clips being switched in and out, sometimes the video and sound quality is not as great in some of the clips from clients that he has switched in. Sometimes the video got a bit fuzzier, and the sound quality on one of the clips (about a minute and a half long) was noticeably noisier in the background.

All in all though, this is a minor complaint and in the context of the whole video it could hardly be seen as a big problem. To be honest the clips that are a little louder are only about 5% of the entire video so it’s not that big of a deal. I think Sean chose to put these clips in because they actually add to the substance of the video and give more examples.


I really enjoyed this DVD because it includes a lot of great techniques, and includes many different people for examples which I know from doing my own DVDs are not always easy to get.

The great thing about this type of video is that you finish watching it feeling like you’ve really learned something, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Since Sean has been doing this for years, he has an incredible base of people that support him, which I know will only help him with his future products and ventures.

In short I have to recommend to all the loyal readers of this blog to click below and get this DVD. It includes great explanations and demonstrations of the 15 deepening techniques, and I know I would be very excited to get it in the mail.

I’d also like to thank Sean for allowing me to review this great new product, as we’ve become good friends and have had a lot of fun together doing street hypnosis (another story for another day!)

Get your DVD here:
Deepening the Trance by Sean Michael Andrews

Personal Development

Review: Jerry Stocking

Another guy who doesn’t refer to himself as a hypnotist but certainly uses a ton of it in his work is Jerry Stocking.

For people who aren’t keen on a “newage” slant, I’d suggest you give it a miss. However if you want to make the most out of your life and you’re open to some new ideas, I think it’s incredibly worth your time to go and get his Illusion Conclusion course – and then, when you like that, go attend his events.

If you get the course, check out the first bowling metaphor he uses. It’s excellent.

In short, I give a 10/10 recommendation to Jerry Stocking. He was trained by Dave Dobson (below), he’s a Master Practitioner in NLP, and so on. If you’re really interested in your personal development (or if you consider yourself a good enough hypnotist/nlper to deconstruct what he’s doing), you need to get his course.

His website is A Choice Experience. Also check out Jerry’s Bio.

Bryan Houck has another review of Jerry:

“Jerry who? Yeah, I thought so. This one is limited for those of you who are ready for some PhD level stuff to start working on. Jerry is one of those true masters, a genius who looks and sounds unassuming and sometimes even awkward. Don’t be fooled.

If my friend Brian Vincent hadn’t recommended Jerry, I would have turned off the CD after 5 minutes. Jerry taught me how we all run ‘patterns’ that define our consciousness, and how those patterns can interfere with and distort our abilities to live our lives the way we want to. He gets pretty deep into understanding auditory, visual, and kinesthetic energy.

His stuff isn’t for the average bear, but if you want to try some stuff that will kick your butt and change the way you see things forever, order up one of his Illusion Conclusion sets and hold on. I highly recommend it for those of you who are ready for it.”

So if you think you’re ready, check out A Choice Experience and hang on!

Hypnosis and NLP

“Hypnotist” Review: Dave Dobson

Dave Dobson says that he has no idea what hypnosis is, but that he can do it really well.

For those who knom him, this is a no-brainer. Dobson is one of the most respected people in the field.

He’s the creator of Other Than Conscious Communication (OTCC) and No-Fault Psychology. The “workshops” he holds, have been renamed into “fun-shops” because he believes they should be fun and not work.

If you have a serious interest in hypnosis or “other than conscious communication” as Dobson calls it, you owe it to yourself to check him out. I get nothing for referring him, he’s just a great guy.

Go read his bio at