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The Hypnosis Pre Talk

Consider the Pre-Talk like laying the foundation of a house. Without a good foundation, no matter how strong the framework of the house, the strength of the house is severely compromised and can be subject to weakening with a good push.” – Matt Sison

The pre-talk is one of the most important parts of a clinical hypnosis session. This is an education that we give someone, where we explain to them what hypnosis is, and what it isn’t, in a quick and effective manner. The main purpose of the hypnosis pre talk is to remove fear, and to build expectancy. The media for the most part has demonized hypnosis, and misconceptions thrive around the subject. The pre-talk is how we talk them out of that.

Some of the misconceptions include:

» Loss of consciousness
» Surrendering of the will and losing control
» That hypnosis is a sign of a weak mind
» Revealing secrets in hypnosis
» Getting “stuck” in hypnosis
» Getting addicted to hypnosis as you would to drugs
» Being hypnotized against their will, or
» Doing criminal or antisocial acts

No matter how illogical some of these misconceptions might seem, people may believe them when they come to see you for clinical sessions, which is why it’s important to do a pre-talk.

In addition to removing misconceptions, we also want to build positive expectation and anticipation in their mind of what is going to happen. Have your client feeling great about hypnosis, ready and excited about the changes they are about to go through. When you get people who very much want to be hypnotized, it’s easy to take them there.

I have different lengths of pre-talks. I have a very short one, a short one, a normal-length one, and then I have a very long pre-talk that can take sometimes as long as 30 minutes or more, for clients that I think might need it. Most people however get a 5-10 minute coaching on what hypnosis is, and they go along their way.

Do you have a great pre-talk that you use? Post it in the comments.

Hypnosis and NLP

How To Do Self Hypnosis

This is the light switch technique: a self hypnosis how to.

You may already have a way that you do self hypnosis, but this is a great self hypnosis induction that you can use that I’ve found to be very effective. The other day I was at a hypnosis training, and one of the things we did was a very effective technique called the light switch. It’s great for instant self hypnosis.

Here are the steps:

  1. Imagine that you have two big bundles of wires coming down from your brain, and that the wires then split off and go into every nerve and fiber of your body.
  2. One bundle of wires goes and controls all of the core functions of your body, like your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. We’ll leave that bundle alone. And the other bundle connects to every single voluntary muscle and nerve in your body, so that if you were to shut off power to that second bundle, all of your nerves would relax instantly!
  3. Now lift up the index finger of your left hand, and imagine under that index finger is a light switch that will either turn off or on that entire bundle of voluntary muscles and nerves. Right now that light switch is in the ON position.
  4. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and go into a light state of hypnosis.
  5. To deepen your trance, turn off that light switch, and allow all of those muscles and nerves to relax completely, as if all of the electrical power had just been cut off.

You may even want to imagine what it is like when the power suddenly goes off in your building. Feel that feeling of complete and total darkness, and have that happen every time that you switch that light switch off. This is one of the best self hypnosis techniques out there.

Now, one of the best ways to do this technique is to get someone into hypnosis using for example the Dave Elman Induction, or using your instant induction techniques (such as the ones in the “TRANCED OUT” home study course) and then to give the suggestion of the light switch being there, and right as they turn off the switch you lower your voice and guide them even deeper into it.

Ideally you’ll test and go back and forth a few times, so the person can do self hypnosis very effortlessly, without having to have additional self hypnosis training. Go test this out and let me know what you think, in the comments.

Hypnosis and NLP

Fun With Hypnosis

I’ve been doing a lot of hypnosis lately, I find some way to weave it into the conversation.

Here’s how the conversation went tonight (paraphrased):

Taylor: “So how about you, what do you do?”
Guy 1: “Oh I work in manufacturing”
Taylor: “Oh really? What type of stuff do you process?”
Guy 1: “Ah you know, Mil spec stuff”
Guy 2: “Lets shouldn’t talk about work now guys, we’re at a party! We could talk about sports, or women, or beer…”
Taylor: “Well, I like talking about hypnosis. I’m a hypnotist so it works well that way…”
Guy 1: “Oh, yeah, hypnosis, so what’s that about?”
Taylor: “Well, what I tell people to do is that when you stop… and focus in with your breathing, your mind goes blank because your unconscious mind… that if you were having the belief that you can go into a trance, what you do not know yet will learn unconsciously will consciously come up for you. This is how deep your trance works. You adjust your breathing and go into that state.”
Girl: “Wow… you are so intelligent, Taylor”

But basically I bring it up in every conversation.

My goal is to have them do some sort of suggestibility test. My favorites are:

– Book and the Balloon (Light Hand/Heavy Hand)
– Hand tightening game

With the book and the balloon, I usually have them close their eyes… with the hand tightening test, I want them staring fixedly at a spot on their hand.

Today I did … 3 of the book and the balloon.. and 3 hand tightening games of which one was having the hands glued together like the hands are in prayer. (I saw a video of Brian David Phillips’ approach with this and I liked it a lot: video)

Depending on what a person is presenting to me, I vary what I show them. If someone is only a “little” interested in hypnosis, I’ll show them the book and the balloon. If they’re a little bit more, I’ll show them the hand tightener… But I only go through the deeper levels of hypnosis with people who are committed to experiencing it.

My format now is:

1. Do an instant induction, deepen QUICKLY…
2. Immediately start fractionating them using a trigger
3. Start having them do simple hypnotic phenomenon right away – e.g. handlock
4. Deepen trance in some significant way, then proceed on to more advanced phenomenon


Hypnosis Helps Americans Cope With Recession Stress

It seems like we are constantly being bombarded in the news that America is in fact “in a recession,” and that means that we all have to feel bad and mourn about how many jobs are being cut.

In fact, people seem to believe that they themselves must take this recession personally, even if they have a secure job or business, and even if the rest of their life is going great. Weird, huh?

When it rains, it pours.

From the positive living camp, Norman Vincent Peale wrote that “problems are a sign of life.” And if we dig deep enough into our philosophies, isn’t it true that most of this money-stuff is on the surface?

And here’s a question – if we COULD let it go, … should we?

I think we should. Emotionally, at least. To release the emotions so that the flow of life can return.

And one of the great ways that some people are letting it go, and giving themselves permission to do so, is through hypnosis.

Either self-hypnosis through a set of steps, listening to recordings,

Or being hypnotized by a professional. (Hey, did you know that I do phone sessions? 😉

By the way, here is a great self-hypnosis method that you can use, to calm your nerves…

Stand shoulder-width apart… put a little flex in your knees… Inhale very deeply for about 5-8 seconds….

Now begin to exhale slowly, close your eyes, and focus on your heart beat.

And in the moment, notice everything about the external environment… what temperature is the air?

Then, let all of that go, and focus exclusively on your internal body. What do your organs feel like inside of you? What is happening to the hair on your skin? How are your eyes relaxing inside your eyes?

Keep your throat, your jaw muscles, your facial muscles, your eyes, and your forehead completely relaxed…

And breathe for a couple minutes for 10 seconds in, 10 seconds out.

Then open your eyes…. SMILE….

Look right up at the ceiling … shake your shoulders out a bit, and wiggle your body. Get some blood circulating, and feel your body ready to take on whatever comes along.

This can have some great effects.

Have fun.


Hypnosis with a Crystal Ball

Brian David Phillips has shared with us once again his tendency for crazy and yet effective methods of hypnosis – this time with a Crystal Ball!

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How many times a week to do Hypnosis?

Question: “How many times a week is an optimal time to practice hypnosis, and how do I get people to volunteer to be hypnotized?”

My reply:

As much as possible!

AND, only as much as you have fun with it.

Here are 7 guidelines to follow for getting people to volunteer:

  1. Don’t practice overt trance with your family. Go practice with
    strangers, or light acquaintances.
  2. Always match people’s expectations. Develop your approach
    and practice walking up.
  3. Reframe. Hypnotists get paid anywhere between $100
    and $3000 an hour (these are real and typical rates
    for some people), and probably more. You are
    PROVIDING A SERVICE. Don’t waste your time talking
    someone into something. If you have to SELL,
    you’re already in trouble.
  4. Get commitment and consistency from people FAST. You want
    them to commit to you showing them something, or to them
    staying in the same spot for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Talk to them about how comfortable people feel when they’re in
    hypnosis, and how it opens up an entire world of possibilities.
  6. Get the right venue. Organized venues with too much corporate
    control are not the best. I.e. don’t try to do too much hypnosis
    in the grocery store, although Walmart might work because
    nobody is minding the individual isles.

    Walking outside is perfect. Going into bars to do hypnosis can
    be hit or miss. I don’t recommend malls because of their many
    rules, plus rent-a-cops. Go to venues that make sense, like a
    gentle dialog at a coffee shop.

  7. Fake it until you make it. Every hypnotist has had something
    not work. Get over it. It’s what you do next that matters.

Thanks for the question.