Personal Development

Mastering your internal voices

I’ve worked with many people on eliminating the inner voices they have. In a recent talk that we did, we had 20 people sheepishly raise their hands as they admitted that they too sometimes didn’t say the nicest stuff to themselves.

What happens when you take that voice and move it to a different location? Really tune in to where it is and just move it. See how it works over there and what the change is. And is the voice a deep tone, or is it high pitched and scratchy?

Basically, map out all of the submodalities. Is it near or distant? Are you awake or are you starting to become drowsy? Take that sound and imagine that you are putting it in a sound-proof box, and before you close the lid make sure that you can live without it for a couple seconds. And close the lid and see what that feels like.

And maybe that voice is very powerful. Maybe it has you think about things. And if it is that powerful, why not put a different set of words for the voice. Change it to a happy tonality. And find out if you can turn this into a positive experience.

Now… forget all of that… and lets go for an adventure.

Imagine your eyes are closed and that your hearing can become more sensitive and you may remain conscious of your breath and remain unconscious of another part. And I want you to start out with some very loud bass drums with a steady beat, and feel them in your body. Notice what happens when you move the drums closer to you and this sounds good.

Now. Add in some sound effects from mother nature – an earthquake that your unconscious can step into the big screen to fully immerse yourself in this experience. And since you feel that powerfully you can begin to feel the adrenaline of being faced right in the wake of the tornado, and the deep-seated rumble from the belly of a giant thunder storm.

Hear the CRACK of the lightning and how it impacts you… and do you remember when you could figure out how far away it was by counting the seconds? Until your trance, feel that beginning and if you could see the sunshine and the sound of some birds.

Notice what that’s like … and this should be your every moment experience.

Take control of your voices, crank them up, and change them however you’d like. Hear what Yoda would sound like inside of your head. And then hear Goofy, giving yourself all that bad advice.

The basic process is to elicit your own submodalities (find a list of them and go through how your own voice relates to that), figure out if the voice is positive or negative and if you want it, throw it in a box or in someone’s pocket. And do all of this in a sufficiently deep state.

Since you have attained that by now, you may have already started to make these changes. 😉

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Hypnosis and NLP

Fun with Elicitation

The topic for today is eliciting states.

How about this: you get someone to make a picture, and then you “grab” that picture, and change it to a color in your hand, and then as you bring the color closer, you turn it into a squirt gun and start squirting them with it!

Can you imagine yourself using this technique? I literally did this with a person who is very visually-oriented today (we were working with pleasure states) and it was so funny – everytime I fired the squirt gun they had a very visible response. Then I turned it into a phaser like in star trek and just held down the button!

Of course, at the end I gave them the power in such a way that they can fire it off themselves and feel good now for no reason at all. I did that by using an imagined sliding anchor, like a DHE-style control panel.

How about this: Tell your client to imagine they were in Willy Wonka’s elevator and, if you know anything about Willy Wonka’s elevator, it always bursts thru the ceiling, which is just what we want!

So, how do we elicit states?

1. Direct commands. “Now in a second I want you to feel a really good feeling, all thruout your mind and body”

2. Description. “Have you ever felt that first tingle of pleasure starting at your feet and then moving upward at the perfect speed, right under your skin but at the same time barely touching it?”

3. Description/questions coupled with physiology . “How would you be breathing if you were really certain right now? What would your posture be like? Would your head be up or down? What kinds of thoughts would you be thinking?”

“You know the other day I saw a really successful guy, and he told me that people can choose to have their facial muscles relax but at the same time grin a little bit, he said that there’s a process where you can really start to feel yourself standing more upright, and where what happens when you start to think about being successful and you start to describe how that will feel, your body starts to make these changes happen instantly…”

4. Pacing and leading. (and feel it yourself.) “Wow it sounds like your life really isn’t doing that well right now, but have you noticed how you’re already starting to move past that? And as you pick up speed towards what you do want to have happen and you start to think about that, you know I even see that your eyes are clearer now… I wonder, if you could just pretend to go into a totally neutral state right now, one where you are thinking clearly and your breathing becomes deeper, what does that feel like?” (etc, move into the other languaging)

You elicit the state, lead them where you know they want to go, and then once you’re done, give them back their own power so they can return there every time. They’ll remember you forever.