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Review: Jerry Stocking

Another guy who doesn’t refer to himself as a hypnotist but certainly uses a ton of it in his work is Jerry Stocking.

For people who aren’t keen on a “newage” slant, I’d suggest you give it a miss. However if you want to make the most out of your life and you’re open to some new ideas, I think it’s incredibly worth your time to go and get his Illusion Conclusion course – and then, when you like that, go attend his events.

If you get the course, check out the first bowling metaphor he uses. It’s excellent.

In short, I give a 10/10 recommendation to Jerry Stocking. He was trained by Dave Dobson (below), he’s a Master Practitioner in NLP, and so on. If you’re really interested in your personal development (or if you consider yourself a good enough hypnotist/nlper to deconstruct what he’s doing), you need to get his course.

His website is A Choice Experience. Also check out Jerry’s Bio.

Bryan Houck has another review of Jerry:

“Jerry who? Yeah, I thought so. This one is limited for those of you who are ready for some PhD level stuff to start working on. Jerry is one of those true masters, a genius who looks and sounds unassuming and sometimes even awkward. Don’t be fooled.

If my friend Brian Vincent hadn’t recommended Jerry, I would have turned off the CD after 5 minutes. Jerry taught me how we all run ‘patterns’ that define our consciousness, and how those patterns can interfere with and distort our abilities to live our lives the way we want to. He gets pretty deep into understanding auditory, visual, and kinesthetic energy.

His stuff isn’t for the average bear, but if you want to try some stuff that will kick your butt and change the way you see things forever, order up one of his Illusion Conclusion sets and hold on. I highly recommend it for those of you who are ready for it.”

So if you think you’re ready, check out A Choice Experience and hang on!


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I have been to his courses. He is very very good. A lot of what he does is through communicating modeling different patterns for people, so one of the things I noticed after being in one of his courses is I learned more than I thought I did at a behavioral level.
I saw another good post on him at a website called control trends here is a link

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