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Free Hypnosis Community Launches!

I’m excited to announce that after months of work, Josh Houghton and I have launched our top secret hypnosis project, and our Free Hypnosis and NLP Social Community is now LIVE!

Some of the great features we offer are:

  • Upload videos and photos
  • Start your own blog
  • Read and write reviews of hypnosis and NLP products
  • Start up your own groups for whatever you’d like
  • Chat with other like-minded people
  • Ask and get your questions answered
  • Participate in the forums
  • Read about and post the latest hypnotic events
  • Meet up with those people in your area
  • Play games
  • Network through Facebook, Skype, Myspace, Twitter, and more, all through your own page on our site.

So I’m proud to announce that after months of work, we are now opening the doors to our new FREE Hypnosis and NLP Social Community — it has officially gone live, and I am inviting you to come and join for free. We are not selling you anything, except knowledge and the chance to learn hypnosis and network with others who love hypnosis.

Our goal is to create the number 1 hypnosis social network site and we can’t do it without you. So come and join the site, have fun, ask questions, chat and have fun!

When you join make sure you look me up and add me as a friend.

Here’s the link:

Link: Tranced Out: Free Hypnosis and NLP Social Community

P.S. Please tell all your friends about this, or anyone you think would be interested. The more people you invite, the better this community will become. Thank you.


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