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Free Giveaway TOMORROW (Saturday)

As many of you have no doubt seen, the Hypnotic Inductions Blog is going strong since I last posted.

Here is what is new on the blog as of right now:

  • Rapport And Why It’s Critical To Your Inductions Success – This is probably one of the most important videos in terms of raw information that has been made in the hypnosis community. That’s a bold claim, I know, but I stand by it! If you do not have this one thing in your inductions, then they don’t work! I speak from experience because I have tried it.
  • The Physiology Behind Instant Inductions – In this video I take you step by step in explaining exactly what happens in the body when we do instant inductions. If you don’t understand this concept, then you might as well be shooting in the dark with your inductions because knowing how this works allows you to make -every- induction work and not just once in a while.
  • A Tranced Out Update – This is an update that we have posted about the course, and tells you what day we are going to be releasing it to the public, as well as some of the bonuses that we have arranged for you

Now, we have also announced that we are going to be giving away Two Free Copies of Tranced Out: The Instant and Rapid Inductions Home Study Course, starting tomorrow (January 23rd) when our video goes live. You will have a limited amount of time to tell us why you should get one of the copies, and someone will win them.

Remember that we are giving away the complete course. That includes the 5 DVDs, the 2 Perfect-Bound Manuals, and tons of bonuses from top hypnosis experts such as Richard Nongard, Rintu Basu, Adam Eason, Nathan Thomas, and more.

Again, we are giving away two free copies of our course, starting tomorrow. Make sure that you keep your eyes peeled on the blog, because at 1 PM tomorrow we will open up the flood gates and allow you to tell us why you should get a free copy. Two lucky people are going to “Pass Go and Collect More Than $200” …

Here is the link for the Hypnotic Inductions Blog so you can get the new videos and so you can participate in the giveaway tomorrow:

Click Here for the Hypnotic Inductions Blog

Talk to you soon! 🙂


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