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Easy Hypnosis Healing

In my work I am often confronted with people of different belief systems. One of the biggest shifts in belief systems comes with the topic of spirituality or religion, and essentially whether or not a person believes in God, and what their specific beliefs are in that area. If I do find out that a person has a belief in metaphysical things, I like to pull out this one tool that has helped me a lot.

It’s called the War Overtangle Prayer by Dr. Judith Swack, and I find that it oftentimes will provide that healing through hypnosis just by saying it.

Now this is a little bit controversial because some people don’t think religion has anything to do with hypnosis, and I would tend to agree, -but- belief systems have everything to do with hypnosis, and what you are doing here is believing something so fully that it becomes true. If you have the spiritual beliefs that other things will happen, then that is what this is designed to use and to nurture.

Ultimately this is something that I have found has worked very well for my hypnosis clients, and I use it myself as well. If you are the type of person who is skeptic then just skip to the next post, but I decided to post it for those who will use it,  because it’s a very valuable tool and more than anything– it works.

Here is the prayer that is said out loud:

I ask my angels and guides to please gather up all overtangle material,
and all dark-side entities,
and everything they feed on,
and everything they attach to,
In a net of holy light.
In a net of radiant light.
And haul them off to the light,
and fill me in with healthy tissue
all the way out to my skin
and to the boundaries of my energy field.
And I ask my angels and guides to please escort me safely and protect me
throughout the rest of this lifetime
and all subsequent lifetimes so that I will never again catch another overtangle.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
It is done, it is done, it is done.

Now one of the keys to making this work is emphasizing the words and really believing what you are saying. Probably the most important idea is at the end when you are thanking the angels and the guides, and you are proclaiming to the world “it is done, it is done, it is done.”  This is the structure of ritual magick as well.

Also note that I purposefully inserted line breaks at the point where you pause for effect. So when you are teaching this to your clients, get those pauses in there, because it makes it more powerful psychologically, which makes the whole technique work better.

Usually I will tell a client to do this prayer once or twice a day. The ideal client will be someone who has religious/spiritual beliefs, and has some issue that they can’t seem to get rid of. Yesterday I gave this script to a male client who was very religious, had tons of anxiety, and wanted to get better with women (one of my specialties is working with this type of client). I decided to give it to him when he mentioned praying, because a prayer is something that he does all the time anyway, and it’s already got a ton of energy and belief built around it that I can utilize to make the hypnosis that much more powerful.

You might be surprised that this is really easy hypnosis healing just through saying a few words out loud — Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments.


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A very ingenious way to combine hypnosis with religious beliefs. Since hypnosis is based on the beliefs we hold in our mind, and those beliefs manifesting in our world, it makes since to use a prayer during hypnosis for religious people to create a deep, powerful and lasting change.

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