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Books I want to buy

For the loyal readers of my blog and forums, I decided to type up a list of everything I have bookmarked for future reading.

Note that on this list is -only- books that have been recommended to me.

Here’s a tip for anyone who dares to implement — ONLY read books/articles/seminars that are personally recommended to you as the best. That’s what I do, and I haven’t read a bad book yet. I just keep reading what is the best of the best.

Some of these books I have read, but most of them I haven’t read, so don’t ask me questions about them. I’m just saying they’re on my list of books to read. Which is a very valuable list.

I decided not to type them out, but just to let you see the links:

(code was here)

I’ll type up in another post what the books are that I’ve already read and enjoyed. That’s a much longer list. I have like 3 big bookshelves in my library.

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