Bill Clinton Congruency Clip

Check out this clip of Bill Clinton responding to a heckler. Notice his congruency. I love it.

0:05 – Clinton: “That’s not true!” (this is perfect. he interrupts it right as it comes in.)

0:11 – Heckler: “You know it’s true!”

0:14 – Clinton stretches out his arm slowly, with his palm facing down, and says in a parental tone, “Now will you just calm down.”

0:26 – Clinton: “Now let me tell you somethin… If I were dying of ambition…”

0:38 – Clinton: “And let me tell ya somethin else! Let me tell ya something else!” — He’s tapping into this urge for people to have “real” politicians who have normal emotions, and are -upset- just like they are, at certain “ills” of society. Clinton frames the Heckler this way:

0:45 – Clinton: “If you can find a better way to treat any human being including myself …

0:50 – Clinton: “I did not cause it, I’ve been tryin to do something about it, I’ve treated you and all the other people who have interrupted my rallys, with a hell of a lot more respect than you’ve treated me, and <inaudible>”

Notice his body language at different points… initially it catches him off-guard, but he gets more confident at every step. I really like his technique here.


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