Hypnosis Videos

Instant Inductions Demo (Hypnosis)

This is me teaching / demonstrating how to do instant inductions. Of course, people who actually came to the event got much more stuff than I’m going to post, but this should give you an idea of the level of content.

Hypnosis and NLP

New Years Resolution Patter

I dug up some old patter I wrote last New Years to help people change their lives and their goals. Enjoy!


“In the new year as in this new day, you’ll find that you will grow with alarming creativity, that shakes the windows of the buildings built of new possibilities and new feelings for the future, and starting at a point where there is truly a positive beginning, wondering with amazement at what the next year has been, and noticing just how amazing life has been so far.


At one point there was no language, and look at how many words and symbols we can use to convey our meanings. And as you can learn to interpret that language in different ways, the language may seem to grow as the world reflects back better positivity, and you start on the new road, one step at a time, free to experience what it is that you want.


And as the seconds add up to become minutes and days and years, you can notice how time could speed up or slow down, could reflect back upon yourself and say “how can I be more useful?” and so your life – time can slow
down as the time it takes for you to reach your goals speeds up, and suddenly everything works better and with more precision.


Noticing what road to take and then being sucked forward into the positive emotions, free from any thing from the past, liberated with every essence, and just feeling good … Now … you can notice, from this day forward, in every little piece it takes for one second to happen in real time, just how you’ve changed, and how things are better now.”