Age Regression Hypnosis Bootcamp

A really cool event has been announced – it’s a Matt Sison and Randy Shaw BOOTCAMP, this one all about Age Regression. They announced the bootcamp on their Yahoo Group, but I’ve noticed this event is getting a lot of attention lately.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to study with some of the masters of regression hypnosis. These guys are really making lots of friends in the hypnosis world because of their unique contributions in helping their clients to make profound changes.

It must be every week that another success story gets posted on their discussion group, and you get the jist after a while that these guys are really shaking things up and in a very good way.

Here is a sample of some of their work:

As you can see, they are on top of the game, so I recommend highly that if you can make it, to grab a seat at their bootcamp. It is very LIMITED ATTENDANCE and as of the time of this posting there are only 6 seats left. Check it out now:

Age Regression Bootcamp for Hypnotists


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