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Hey everybody,

I know I haven’t written much since the launch of TRANCED OUT, and it’s because I’ve been very busy with lots of exciting new projects. One of these is the Language Patterns Quick Start DVD, which will be released soon.

One of our friends is Rintu Basu, who is launching his book, “The Persuasion Skills Black Book” today. I’ve read it, it’s a great book if you’re into persuasion. He’s doing the launch with Simon Hazledine, who is also promoting his two books, Bare Knuckle Negotiating and Bare Knuckle Selling.

Here is the deal. If you buy either of those 3 books today, you will get over £1000 worth of bonuses from some of the top people, including Kenrick Cleveland, Jamie Smart, Nathan Thomas, and more…

Included in the bonuses is a big portion of the transcript of the Language Patterns Quick Start DVD that I taught here in Washington DC, so if you want to find out what it’s all about this is a great opportunity. I share some really awesome techniques in there. Our bonus is just one of the great bonuses you will get.

Here is the link to the page which tells you all about the bonuses, and the link to the books:

Get The Bonuses Here

NOTE: This is not an affiliate link. I get absolutely no commission from this, but Rintu is a good friend of mine and I truly believe that getting over a thousand pounds in bonuses for buying one book is completely worth it. That’s why Josh and I made the call to include our transcript in the bonuses that you will get.

NOTE 2: STAY TUNED… I will be posting more hypnosis and NLP content to this blog when I get some of this quantity called free time 😉