Hypnosis and NLP

The Hypnosis Pre Talk

Consider the Pre-Talk like laying the foundation of a house. Without a good foundation, no matter how strong the framework of the house, the strength of the house is severely compromised and can be subject to weakening with a good push.” – Matt Sison

The pre-talk is one of the most important parts of a clinical hypnosis session. This is an education that we give someone, where we explain to them what hypnosis is, and what it isn’t, in a quick and effective manner. The main purpose of the hypnosis pre talk is to remove fear, and to build expectancy. The media for the most part has demonized hypnosis, and misconceptions thrive around the subject. The pre-talk is how we talk them out of that.

Some of the misconceptions include:

» Loss of consciousness
» Surrendering of the will and losing control
» That hypnosis is a sign of a weak mind
» Revealing secrets in hypnosis
» Getting “stuck” in hypnosis
» Getting addicted to hypnosis as you would to drugs
» Being hypnotized against their will, or
» Doing criminal or antisocial acts

No matter how illogical some of these misconceptions might seem, people may believe them when they come to see you for clinical sessions, which is why it’s important to do a pre-talk.

In addition to removing misconceptions, we also want to build positive expectation and anticipation in their mind of what is going to happen. Have your client feeling great about hypnosis, ready and excited about the changes they are about to go through. When you get people who very much want to be hypnotized, it’s easy to take them there.

I have different lengths of pre-talks. I have a very short one, a short one, a normal-length one, and then I have a very long pre-talk that can take sometimes as long as 30 minutes or more, for clients that I think might need it. Most people however get a 5-10 minute coaching on what hypnosis is, and they go along their way.

Do you have a great pre-talk that you use? Post it in the comments.

Hypnosis and NLP

Ideas Into Reality: Manifesting Free Stuff

Hey everybody,

Along with my passion for hypnosis, another thing I have been getting into lately is Affiliate Marketing. I really love business and working for myself (I don’t have a dayjob) so this is another outlet for me to be able to combine my interests and make things happen in a real way.

Now recently I have realized what I really love about the affiliate marketing space, and it’s that they have High Expectations for results. When you listen to interviews that are done of successful affiliate marketers, they don’t start off by telling you how they made their first few dollars. Instead they tell how they went from zero to $10,000 a month, and what it took to get there. 10k a month is not even a big amount in that industry. You’re still just a regular player at that stage.

And they always measure their income in PER MONTH, or PER DAY. Most people who I talk to, if I asked them what their income is, they’d tell me, “I earn $xx,xxx per year”  and it’s usually a fixed amount and they can’t get any more than that… but the high-level affiliate marketers think in terms of the month, the week, or the day. That’s the level at which their business is growing, because they might double their income in the next month and that is perfectly normal for them.

It seems like new guys are emerging all the time who have gotten past the initial hurdles and who, only a couple months into it, are earning a 6-figure or 7-figure income. One of my friends talks about how he went from being miles-high in debt to earning 100k in just under a year. And he works for himself, at home.

So as you can imagine, I’m very inspired by all of this, and I’ve been taking a lot of action to make it happen for myself because I really enjoy almost everything about the industry. In fact after my seminar in Hawaii from Oct 16th-20th, the next thing is I’m going up to New York in November (the 4th-6th) for Ad:Tech if anyone wants to meet up. It’s an affiliate marketing convention which is going to be a lot of fun.

Anyway, getting to the point, I just read a great post by a guy who set his mind on a goal and ended up manifesting a Mac Book Pro out of it by winning an affiliate contest. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT because most of the people I talk to about Law of Attraction think that it’s all about “positive thinking” and just wishing something will happen and then it does.  But that’s not it.  What he emphasizes in this post is that you have to Take Massive Action to get where you want to be, and that’s what I really love about it.

This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, because as an entrepreneur, I know very well the connection between IDEAS being transformed into REALITY.  Not too long ago, Josh Houghton and myself decided we were going to start releasing hypnosis products. We started out with just an idea, but slowly and surely we put it together and made it happen. Now we have a GREAT $300 course that we’re both very proud of, because we took action and we did what was necessary to manifest this idea into the world.

Does that sound like something you would like to do?  Read this post, by Paul Piotrowski:

How I Manifested A Mac Book Pro For Free