Personal Development

Everyone wants to get out of the rain.

Look down, there’s some change in your pocket!
I’m listening to a song called “Liquid Sovereignty” by Eyedea and Abilities. I suggest that you listen to it and understand the message.

The chorus is:

“Everyone wants to get out of the rain
Wants to be free, wants to see no more pain
We’re guaranteed that the seasons will change
‘Till then, I’m keeping sunshine on my brain”
It’s almost metaphorical.

Our space in time here — our lives are made up of polarities. The polarity between the successful, motivated, grounded, and energized individual who drives life to the edge, and the person who never seems to get anything done despite a backdrop of tremendous opportunity.
These are the polarities between confidence and self-loathing; between acceptance and denial… and the sharp contrast between striving to be successful at everything, and automatically being successful at nothing, through stagnation and apathetic thought.

Where do -you- want to go?

And as you carry that around with you,
I wonder how quickly you could find yourself able to

Really decide RIGHT NOW whether you want to be average or extraordinary.

It is this type of decision that will shape your unconscious into the person that you are destined to be, so that you get all of the results and the rewards, and the intensity of life that you’ve been waiting for starts immediately.
I am painting you a clear picture so that you know that if you’re “sort of on the line kind of not really there,” you’re not gonna get it. Be pro-active and have your life turn out the way you want it to!
I know that some of you have clocks on the wall, things that tell time. Some of these clocks have these little second hands and if you’re like most people, YOU CAN IMAGINE NOW that with every tick of that clock,
that’s another second in which you’ve spent time contemplating what to do instead of taking massive action. Before you know it, that’ll be YET ANOTHER minute that you have probably spent wishing and hoping and wanting but not -getting- …
What do you truly want?

Lots of motivated people have had this feeling that ANY day now there will suddenly be a big explosion of creativity and genius and insight… And it’s true that eventually you will have that time where you decide to be bigger, better, greater
But how many seconds or minutes, days or… YEARS will pass by before you realize that it’s time NOW?

Keep that clock in mind and do what it takes. You’ve but one life to give … to yourself, and to everyone who will be benefited from enjoying this new and improved you.
Take care of all of both of you,

Both the polarity who knows you can succeed,

And the energy to get there.

Hypnosis Videos

Street Hypnosis

This was filmed on the streets of DC, when we were just walking around hypnotizing people. These girls were receptive and lots of fun to be around, and so they wanted to explore the power of their minds.

We actually cut off the end of this video clip because it got into some stuff that I wasn’t sure I should put on YouTube. I might include it in a bonus with one of my products sometime.

I’d like to have a video of me doing hypnosis and then have the camera pause and I’d come on in a voice-over and explain what just happened.

Hypnosis and NLP

Fun with Elicitation

The topic for today is eliciting states.

How about this: you get someone to make a picture, and then you “grab” that picture, and change it to a color in your hand, and then as you bring the color closer, you turn it into a squirt gun and start squirting them with it!

Can you imagine yourself using this technique? I literally did this with a person who is very visually-oriented today (we were working with pleasure states) and it was so funny – everytime I fired the squirt gun they had a very visible response. Then I turned it into a phaser like in star trek and just held down the button!

Of course, at the end I gave them the power in such a way that they can fire it off themselves and feel good now for no reason at all. I did that by using an imagined sliding anchor, like a DHE-style control panel.

How about this: Tell your client to imagine they were in Willy Wonka’s elevator and, if you know anything about Willy Wonka’s elevator, it always bursts thru the ceiling, which is just what we want!

So, how do we elicit states?

1. Direct commands. “Now in a second I want you to feel a really good feeling, all thruout your mind and body”

2. Description. “Have you ever felt that first tingle of pleasure starting at your feet and then moving upward at the perfect speed, right under your skin but at the same time barely touching it?”

3. Description/questions coupled with physiology . “How would you be breathing if you were really certain right now? What would your posture be like? Would your head be up or down? What kinds of thoughts would you be thinking?”

“You know the other day I saw a really successful guy, and he told me that people can choose to have their facial muscles relax but at the same time grin a little bit, he said that there’s a process where you can really start to feel yourself standing more upright, and where what happens when you start to think about being successful and you start to describe how that will feel, your body starts to make these changes happen instantly…”

4. Pacing and leading. (and feel it yourself.) “Wow it sounds like your life really isn’t doing that well right now, but have you noticed how you’re already starting to move past that? And as you pick up speed towards what you do want to have happen and you start to think about that, you know I even see that your eyes are clearer now… I wonder, if you could just pretend to go into a totally neutral state right now, one where you are thinking clearly and your breathing becomes deeper, what does that feel like?” (etc, move into the other languaging)

You elicit the state, lead them where you know they want to go, and then once you’re done, give them back their own power so they can return there every time. They’ll remember you forever.

Personal Development

Creating Your Dreams List

When you think about where you want to be in twenty years, are the images full of detail? Can you hear the sounds and feel the feelings?

If those images lack clarity, you’re not the only one. Most people have put very little thought and energy into how their lives will come together in the future. Can you imagine going through your life with no clear direction, with no set feelings about what you’ll be doing the next year? That is what most people will do. Do you want to be “most people”? No? Keep reading.

Recently my hypnosis cohort and I led fourteen people through a series of imaginative exercises that culminated in one lucky person being guided into a super-dreamy trance state. It’s a state where you are free to imagine anything that your subconscious mind computer can come up with.

When we had this person in trance, we guided him into future-pacing how he was going to use these skills twenty years out into the future. In this highly unconscious process, he was able to incorporate desires that he wasn’t consciously aware of, and he came out of trance with a more useful map of where he needs to go.

When Freud was experimenting with hypnosis, he used a technique known as “free-association” that he believed tapped into the power of the unconscious mind, and this exercise that I’m going to share with you has a lot in common with what he did, without all the crazy stuff.

What we’re going to do is make a dreams list.

It’s not a list of what is possible. It’s not a list about what is likely. It’s not a list with any limitations.

It’s a list of dreams. It’s asking questions like: what would you do if you knew that you could not fail? If money and time were no object and you could go anywhere and do anything, who would you choose to be? Let your mind be free to come up with your unconscious desires.

Here is what you’ll do. Grab a rudimentary writing tool like a pencil or a pen, and have in front of you one or two fully blank sheets of paper. Turn your cell phone, your wife, your kids, and your computer screen off. No distractions. Go find that “Do Not Disturb” sign you stole from the Marriott.

You’ll need a timer: Digital, Analog, or Sand. Set it for three minutes.

When the timer starts to go, I want you to write down as fast as you can and without any conscious thought everything you want to achieve in your life. You can even put down things that you already have, but the concentration should be on what you want. Give yourself permission to be as focused on material possessions as your subconscious chooses to be. Put down those intangibles too.

Now I want you to … right now… before another second passes, grab that pencil, those blank sheets of paper, set your timer, and … wait for it … If you had unlimited time, unlimited talent, and unlimited resources, what would you choose to do? Who would you choose to be? Are you ready? Set?


Hey! What are you still doing here? You have all the instructions! Grab your pencil and paper, turn on your imagination, and get to it!

Hypnosis and NLP Personal Development

Stepping into a new you

Sometimes people get in the glum habit of thinking that there are limited resources. They think there’s not enough money, not enough time, not enough love or good fortune to go around, not enough “pieces of the pie,” so to speak

However if you step back, you can remind yourself that at one point there weren’t any of these resources – time, energy, money, … and look at how much there is now! Limitations are a myth. The only limitation is our own current psychology, and what we can feel really excited about right now is that we’ve all been blessed with a set of tools that enable you to shift your psychology rapidly and to enjoy the process that gets you what you really want in life.

Along these lines, there’s an NLP exercise called the New Behavior Generator that I want to share with you all.

This exercise gives you the ability to make a resource out of thin air. If you’re not sure how you would do something, all you need is to find someone that is already doing what you want to do successfully, and you’re all set! Just follow these instructions and you’ll have that state locked in where you can use it everyday if you want to.

Here are the steps:

  1. Think back to a situation where you felt as if you were running out of resources
  2. Physically step a few steps back… Breathe in and disassociate, and look at the you in that situation.
  3. Determine what you need in that situation, and what resources would help you out the most.
  4. When you’ve found the resource, select a model person that has that resource, and bring in that person into that space, and watch them doing the action themselves.
  5. Then send that person away and watch yourself doing that action. Make sure that it works for you!
  6. Once you have watched yourself deal with the situation specifically, just as your model would, step into the situation yourself and go thru it in a new and helpful way.
  7. Imagine yourself in the future doing these things successfully and having a new understanding.

With this exercise, I have had great fun in stepping into all sorts of people I respect for their different abilities and resources. To me it’s as simple as putting someone in a circle, stepping into that person, and feeling those resources being imparted. As I step back, I take the resources with me. It’s really that simple.

How would you like to be a kid again and to have a truly powerful imagination? Do a favor and take a couple seconds out of your day to become something totally different.

Who would you like to model? Maybe it is a master hypnotist that you truly respect. Or maybe you have someone in mind for their compassion, strength, composure, or determination. Be REAL about this stuff. Ramp up your physiology. Imagine what it would be like to be that person and go thruout the day being an influence to everyone around them. What would it be like to order a cup of coffee?

Practice this constantly. So far today I’ve stepped into many of the greats of the past and present. Wow! I feel the changes flooding thru my veins.

Hypnosis Videos

Hypnosis Negativity Destroyer

This was filmed at a recent invite-only event.